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There’s a reason why DJ Craze is a three-time DMC champion DJ and Four Color Zack is the 2012 Red Bull 3style international champion – it’s because they’re two of the most talented scratch DJs on the planet. Together they make up 2¢ and for their third and most prolific mix, they decided to go balls to the wall calling out everyone from abusive police and the Trump administration to drunk drivers and The Chainsmokers, whose track “Closer” with Halsey is gently trolled at the very top of the mix.

What started as an inside joke recorded between them in the studio became the basis of the mix, as Zack explained to Billboard, “How come what is loosely billed ‘real DJing,’ or what I would call ‘creative DJing,’ is always so hard to sell to the masses? Because we don’t tend to go for the easy low hanging fruit. The ‘Sugar Puppies’ thing was just us in the studio making jokes about what we should have done if we were trying to hit the masses. It was really just a singular joke that popped up on the mix, and then we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we just completely ‘sold out’ and called the whole thing ‘Sugar Puppies’ and ran with that for the cover?'”

Using a cornicopia of sound bytes from the news, David Cross and George Carlin’s standup, and several different interviews, 2¢ succesffully paint a picture of a world ripe for rebellion through art. This is by far the most creative mix we’ve heard this year, and possibly ever. And according to Zack, it’s very specifically a political mix aimed at juxtaposing the severity of America’s current socio-political climate with the LOLz of the modern condition of EDM in our country. It was a daring effort and 2¢ absolutely nailed this, enjoy.