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Craig Williams is known to get lost in his massive modular synth collection, toiling away and creating some of the most technically complex dance music this side of the simulation (we’re living in a simulation, people; the sooner you accept it, the happier you’ll be). His music is the perfect techno narrative to a late night in a dark warehouse. Williams’ latest release with Sydney techno label Motorik!, which shares a name with the 4/4 beat often used by krautrock bands, will send you back to the early days of techno when unadulterated, analogue darkness reigned supreme.

The four-track Last Moment EP is a thoroughbred beast. From start to finish, you’ll find a master at work, comprehensively working on cohesiveness and bewonderment for any and all fans of four-on-the-floor. When McLean & Mai’s remix of “Last Moment” featuring Philosophique Girl hits at the end, you’ll lose all sense and sensibility for the world around you, plunged into nearly eight minutes of sharpened lightlessness.

Williams offered a few words on the release:

I made the EP with a minimal mindset. I wanted the records to be almost like DJ Tools. I tried to pull inspiration from the older Dance Mania records. I love the super futuristic feel that these records have. One way I achieved this was to limit the number of machines I would use to created the records; it’s really easy to let a song get away from you and start thinking that more elements equals a better record. For example “Last Moment” was a TB-303 driven track and “Synthetic” relied heavy on the Arp 2600 synth. Whilst I was using synths that people had heard 10,000,000 time over I wanted to try and change the tonality of the sounds to make them feel like something new.

Give the Last Moment EP a listen below via Motorik!