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It’s been nearly eight months coming, but today marks the release of Conducta & Notion‘s Felt This Way — an A-side/B-side EP featuring a pair of collaborative records from the UK producers. As with each of the Bristol-based musicians’ catalogs, the two tracks on Felt This Way successfully implement nods to eras of UKG past while simultaneously leaning forward thanks to use of contemporary sounds. Conducta explains in detail in an email to NEST HQ —

With this release, the aim was for us to encapsulate the best elements of bassline & garage, then fuse together nostalgia and new school elements for a modern twist. I’m already busy in the studio with some talented vocalists, MC’s working on my next solo projects which are centered around the UK Garage – 2step sound I grew up on. Spring is looking exciting as I’ll be stateside ready to play some debut sets and showcase the garage sound.

Stay up on Conducta’s Soundcloud and Twitter for more info on that US tour this year, listen in to the full EP below, and pop over to iTunes to show these talented lads some support.

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