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Named after the infamous YouTube star, Boxxy, Comethazine’s second “full length” album is a whopping 17 minutes of pure dirty trap rap inspired by the Lil B/Odd Future school of West Coast rap, despite hailing from St. Louis. His dark, edgy style is reminiscent of the heavy gloom that old-school southern rap dictates, coming packed with the filthy lyrics that the style is known for. With only one track breaking two minutes, it’s a Minutemen-style album, part of a trend that a lot of rappers are following in this short-attention-spanned-world of quick-burning hits.

Comethazine spits rabid hooks over these banger beats, with his overdubs supporting his gruff, largely screamed vocals that DMX made famous. For a guy who does this much lean, his aggression is off the chain, but the calm side is reflected in the reverberant style that is ever-present in the background of the beats, like on the blissed-out “Gusher Guts.” BAWKSEE 2 is a featureless, quick hit semi-EP of an album that feels like a super crisp Datpiff tape. He certainly takes a harsher turn than on last year’s BAWKSEE tape. Regardless of the length, Comethazine shows off his abundant energy on this tape, breaking down the formula into its most basic essentials, like an angry Playboi Carti.