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Australian producer, singer, and songwriter cln released “Breathe” at the end of April here on NEST, offering an honest look into the emotional and melodic depth of his creativity. Written, produced, and sung by cln, the record draws comparisons to the rawness and sentiment of multifaceted musicians like James Blake with its breathy vocals and sleepy harmonies, leading Billboard to declare that “cln’s ‘Breathe’ stops you in your tracks with quiet beauty.”

Three months later, “Breathe” has been given the remix treatment by three very different artists: Point Point member and Record Record co-founder DEVOTED (pka Devoted to God), the experimental, no rules duo X&G, and über-talented Kentucky-based house & disco producer Ellie Herring. cln shares his thoughts on each of their individual takes below.

The use of percussion in this remix is really great. The song has been re-crafted and taken to a whole new darker place. It’s really well done. I love the subtlety of all the different elements.

The thing I love about remixes is that there aren’t really any rules. X&G have made something completely different here, it’s basically a new song in it’s own right. They’ve just picked a few key elements from the original and slot them in to fit the heavy/industrial vibe. I feel like this remix would work really well in a film.

Ellie completely flipped on his head here. This remix takes the song to the club perfectly. My favourite bit is when the vocal chops come in – so good.

Download all three remixes for free below, and add them to your playlists on Spotify.

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