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Callan Alexander, known to the music world as cln, is set to release his new single, “Breathe,” today via NEST.

The record – written, produced, and sung by Callan – is the first release from cln in 2017, as the Brisbane-based artist spent the latter part of 2016 composing a diverse collection of electronic music alongside Australian singer/songwriter Katie Noonan and renowned choreographer Amy Hollingsworth for a total of six sold-out performances featuring the Queensland Ballet.

“Breathe” is melodic and contemporary yet raw and emotional, and its depth is underlined by cln’s own heartfelt vocals, which he manipulates in near-James Blake fashion. Bright arpeggios awaken those sleepy vocal harmonies – attributes that become clear when understanding Callan’s approach to this song:

I mostly make music really late at night. I think that’s when my best ideas come out. When I’m fully alert, I tend to overanalyse things and get rid of my best ideas. The original idea for this song came about at around 3am, I think it was while I was preparing for my first US tour [last September]. I’ve tried my best not to over think this song. I wanted to keep the initial idea as close to its original state as possible. I suppose that way, the final product is more honest, taken straight from my sleep-deprived brain. – cln

Stream and download cln’s “Breathe” in full below, and add it to your playlists on Spotify.

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