This is our story...

Within a musical generation defined by duplicability and run by colorless artistry, the redeeming qualities of musicians have boiled down to attitude, intent, and artistic self-confidence. Chuurch embody these characteristics without exaggeration; there is foresight in the actions they take, and tenacity in the music they produce. Patient and calculated, Chuurch have been preparing for siege, and Uunion is the pointing of the first arrow.

As artists, their approach has been one of refinement, taking years of time to reflect on who they are and what they want to become. Unlike so many artists, who find their sound along the way, Chuurch took the time ahead of launching their project to create something immediately-recognizable. What’s left is a sound that can be picked out from between thousands and thousands of artists within the first couple of seconds. Hate it or love it, Chuurch is Chuurch.

Uunion is a melting pot of influence, drawing equally from past and present. Their drum work and vocal sampling is evocative of the MPC2000 days, driving over basslines that feel like they should have been sequenced in a late ’90s basement. Tonally and compositionally, their choices are bold and eclectic, much in the vein of Boys Noize, Mr. Oizo, and even some of the darker sides of Justice. Still, the music is refreshing and relevant; I think it goes to show that when you reach a point where you’re making music that only you can make, everything else becomes irrelevant.

Stream the full EP below, grab the free download here, or find it on any music streaming platform here.