This is our story...

Within a musical generation defined by duplicability and run by colorless artistry, the redeeming qualities of musicians have boiled down to attitude, intent, and artistic self-confidence. Chuurch embody these characteristics without exaggeration; there is foresight in the actions they take, and tenacity in the music they produce. Patient and calculated, Chuurch have been preparing for siege, and Uunion is the pointing of the first arrow.

Today, Chuurch offer us “One Mind” the first single off of Uunion. Boom-bap drums meddle between axing bass lines as almost inconsonant, creasing synths make quick and fluid appearances throughout. The entire record is ominously slow and moves with the impending energy of an army marching in the distance.

Stream “One Mind” below, and be sure to pre-save or pre-order Uunion on Spotify & Apple Music.