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This past week, Moving Castle released a remix EP for Valentine & 4AM’s “Us” featuring Naji. The four-track features chuck sutton, JKuch, Røhaan, Laxcity, and Stereo Cube. Each take “Us” down their own individually unique electronic paths. Most impressively, chuck sutton’s dreamy synth-pop rework shows an immense amount of harmonic experiment. The New Jersey native came to rise within these last two years. Both his Tripolar EP and “Anxious” left us intoxicated with calming chaos.

Chuck sutton’s remix of Valentine & 4AM’s “Us” breathes a brand new breath of fresh air into the melody. Taking an 8-bit themed journey, sutton intermingles bouncy synths alongside playful drum machines — he managed to reconfigure “Us” into a digital soul search. We are hit with a burst of color as the song reaches its peak. The timbre steps down to meet the vocal chops once more. Together, they flow away within the symphonic chords as “Us” reaches an innate ending.

Listen now and get your download here.