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As we’re heading into the thick of the summer, seasonal anthems are pouring into the blogosphere and aiming to land in your summertime playlist. The latest gems come from Childish Gambino, who just dropped two tracks dedicated to the season yesterday. As the follow-up to “This Is America,” Donald Glover has embraced a totally different approach by celebrating the carefree aspects of warm weather and pool party vibes.

The first track, “Summertime Magic,” opens with classic steel drums and the lyric “You feel like summertime,” curating romantic, seaside vibes almost immediately. His soft, R&B-style voice pairs beautifully with the pop-inspired production and repetitive backing vocals. Next up, Glover goes in on “Feels Like Summer” with addictive oohs and ahhs, heavily edited vocals, and a multitude of tropical elements. It’s clear he’s banking on coining the song of the summer, and he’s got double the chances with his two-track offering. Both of these songs are equally satisfying — just after taking a listen, all I want to do is jump in the nearest pool.

Check out Summer Pack below.