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Channel Tres is a new name appearing within both the West Coast house and rap music scene. At 26 years old, he has embodied a dark dancefloor aura with a deep vocal tonality and an ability to mix it into infectious synthesized basslines. This past April, Channel Tres made his debut with his first single titled “Controller” and also participated on Winston Surfshirt’s Sponge Cake Rebaked remix album on “Project Redo.”

GODMODE just released Channel Tres’ second single titled “Jet Black” alongside a street-styled music video on July 13th. Funk samples, percussions, and sharp snares entwine to set an aesthetically pleasing lustful type of mood. Channel Tres whispers atop the beat and it’s as if “Jet Black” has locked eyes with you and dragged you straight into a dimly lit club — “Jet Black” doesn’t shy away from keeping your attention as it continues to pulsate. Channel Tres equally represents this sultry mood within the music video as well. The LA-set story features Channel Tres rhyming to the city as colors and scenes flash by. If I had to describe it with one word, I would use ‘cool.’

“Jet Black” is the second single off his forthcoming self-titled EP, so keep your ears peeled for what’s next. Channel Tres has locked in his sound, and you can hear it on “Jet Black” in full below.