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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve featured a drum and bass artist in our Artist Spotlight series, and we felt it was time to honor an artist whose sound is so infectious that we just couldn’t resist praising it in the highest order. I just caught wind of the sounds of Changing Faces, whose catalog dates back to 2013 and shows a real progression over the years. The Slovakian DJ and producer has turned heads with her squeaky-clean production and smashing DJ sets, leading a career on the liquid-inspired, melodic end of the drum and bass spectrum. Back in 2016, UKF caught up with her for an interview after witnessing her jaw-dropping set at Beats Evolution Conference in Prague. “In a nutshell, she smashed it,” they said. “A balanced, studied blend of liquid, soul and deep D&B, unafraid to drop classics and switch vibes, she had the dancefloor of The Roxy in the palm of her hand and never once got carried away.” Qualities such as this make someone an incredible DJ, but she’s the whole package and the real deal: her productions are seriously stunning. Even beginning with her first-ever tune uploaded to SoundCloud, there’s something special about Changing Faces.

She introduced herself six years ago with a liquid drum and bass bootleg of Coldplay’s “X & Y,” a downright gorgeous reimagination of the band’s original tune. Now 22 years old, Changing Faces told UKF  that she’d been producing since she was 15 and marks her first “good” tunes around the time she started releasing on Celsius. She’s citing her debut EP in collaboration with Macca, titled Deep Thoughts. While we’re totally into her first-ever bootlegs, it’s true — these tunes are seriously awesome. “Deep Inside” is a warm, intimate embrace of your standard liquid drum and bass complete with a near-perfect mixdown, a quality I’m such a huge sucker for. In that same year, Changing Faces put out a stunning solo tune off the Cloud Surfing EP via Celsius titled “Morning Sun.” This one’s more stripped-back as she focuses her energy on the power of percussion, tinkering with the mood through deep, bleeding basses that feel perfectly nestled in the mix.

In the years to follow, Changing Faces put out a steady flow of nice music with some of our favorites being her Direction EP, “In The Woods,” and her latest Shadows EP. Specifically off Shadows, Changing Faces shines the brightest on the opening tune “Fractures,” a carefully created production that oozes sweet melodies and pulsing rhythms. Liquid is such a passionate sub-genre of the all-encompassing arm of drum and bass, and Changing Faces’ passion is loud and clear through her productions. We’re looking forward to what she has in store for 2018 as her productions only get better and better.