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Chance the Rapper continues on his endless quest to positively impact mankind by improving conditions in his hometown of Chicago, and this time he’s teamed up a venture philanthropist organization called Chicago Beyond. The challenge issued by Chance is simple – make a 90 second video explaining an issue you think the city of Chicago needs help addressing and if selected the fund will award $2 million to the project. Not only that but the fund is supporting multiple projects so, as Chance adorably pointed out in the video above, multiple sets of $2 million are being given out.

Videos can be submitted to the Chicago Beyond website. We are so stoked for Chance to have such a generous platform for his work that has the ability to be inclusive of the community’s voice – no on knows better than Chicago’s residents what the city needs to be able to thrive.

And if you’ve never seen Chance perform with Skrillex and Hundred Waters on Colbert including BTS rehearsal footage, it’s positively magic.