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Clicking play on Castor Troy‘s remix of Zeds Dead and Megalodon’s “Wit Me Dub,” I was immediately hit with a heavy dose of grimy, guttural bass and suddenly transported back on my spring trip to Berlin. This track is aggressive in all the right ways. While reggae dub percussion weaves its way throughout the tech house sound, each smack of the beat reverberates around a distorted, foreboding synth line that you can’t help but bob your head to.

Troy’s remix would’ve popped off at 6 am in Tresor when you’re sweaty and disoriented and don’t care about anything but the chest-rattling bass that’s keeping you going. Bodhi Collective, “an anonymous group of high profile blogs, labels, tastemakers, and overall music fanatics coming together to compete with the major label music machine, containing a reach of over 1,500,000 followers in various genres,” hosts the tune. I can’t wait for more.

Listen now, and check out Castor Troy on Soundcloud.

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