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Canblaster will forever be known for his chaotic “what the hell are these sounds and why are there so many of them” style of club music. Dark basslines and confusing structures that actually make so much sense in an insane way are his bread and butter. Two years ago, Canblaster dropped a tune that can easily be described as wreaking havoc in a digital kitchen with chrome pots and synth-triggering utensils. “Attention ! 8 Way !” dropped in October of 2015 on his Continue ? EP via Pelican Fly and I still remember it knocking me on my ass when I first heard it.

Today, Main Course co-founder Astronomar reenvisioned “Attention ! 8 Way !”; one might even say in a ‘9th Way.’ In usual Astronomar fashion, he took the original and repurposed it for the darkest of intimate clubs and venues. I am still hard-pressed to find an Astronomar tune that doesn’t blow me away in some capacity. His remix for “Attention ! 8 Way” takes the sharpness and dulls it a bit with bass you’d think came straight from the Twisted Metal video game series. It sounds a bit like a chase scene in an old ’80s cops and robbers movie, and the second half comes out of nowhere and absolutely destroys.

“DJ Slow of Pelican Fly asked me to do this remix quite some time ago, but for whatever reason, the official remix pack for Canblaster’s EP got held up, and I’ve been sitting on this remix for a while now,” Astronomar recounts. “I’ve been really excited about it for a long time; it’s beefy & classy but has a quirky element to it. Happy we finally set it free!” So are we, Astronomar. So. Are. We.

Give the remix a listen below and check out the rest of the insanity on Canblaster’s SoundCloud, including Continue ? remixes from Myd, Zora Jones, and more.