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Three months ago we had the chance to get to know the Vindata boys a little better when highlighting them as part of our In the Nest series, and since then, they’ve been busy bouncing from city to city, including a banging performance at TomorrowWorld this past weekend in Atlanta. Next up, they have some select dates on Skrillex’s Fall Tour which you should definitely check out, along with this fire remix released today of “Is it Good to You” by Camden Arc, the side project of Australian producer M-Phazes.

In “Is it Good to You,” they’ve taken the synth-heavy, juke embellished, groovy original and upped the explosiveness by about 10x — including some cheerful claps, infectious bounce, and expansion on the original soulful vocals. The guys have mixed up something irresistibly fun and catchy with this one.

Stream the tune below and snag your free download here.

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