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Inspired by such contemporaries and frequent collaborators as Noname, Chance the Rapper, and the featured vocalist on “Tenderheaded,” Smino, Cam O’bi is among a select handful of American hip-hop artists who are crafting an instantly recognizable form of rap/R&B that combines masterful wordplay and storytelling, soulful vibes, and boundary-pushing production to create a sound that is distinctively their own.

Cameron Osteen, previously known as Cam O’bi, is a multitalented artist whose production skills have long been on display in his extensive catalogue of work with what’s really a who’s who of the underground rap scene: in addition to all the above-mentioned artists, he has production credits on tracks from Mick Jenkins, Vic Mensa, and Rejjie Snow, to name a few. His vocal talents, by contrast, have been largely kept under wraps – until now.

“Tenderheaded” – produced by, you guessed it, Cam – is an absolute tour de force, featuring one of the most creative beats you’ll ever hear, some ridiculous flow from Cam on his verse, and a perfect feature from Smino. One thing is clear: his forthcoming album, Grown Ass Kid, which was announced alongside this single release, can’t come soon enough.