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Ten years ago it wasn’t even cool to take photos at Burning Man, five years ago it wasn’t cool to show a corporate logo out there, but in our brave new world of 2017 nothing is sacred, thus Burning Man now has an official livestream. It’s actually extremely dope, and of course it will be far more fun to see at night when art cars beyond our wildest dreams will be flooding the Playa – turn on some dank beats and pretend you’re really there! Only you’re at home, hopefully for you in a temperature-controlled structure breathing relatively clean air, living the best of both Burning Man and the default world.

The theme this year is Radical Ritual, perhaps now that the livestream has arisen to let even more people into the Burning Man universe of infinite possibility, radical inclusion of others and radical self-reliance, the Internet can become part of the ritual too. Ok, I just got really excited about this – enjoy the stream and our outrageous photo recap of Skrillex and Diplo’s Burn together in 2014.