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Every time the enigmatic UK producer Burial surfaces, he brings an unexpected treat for the people, and this one is quite a delicacy.

“Rodent” is a slamming tune from Burial, featuring warm, tantalizing bass sifting on frothy pads and a rhythm that shivers. The song’s heft even inspired a remix from Hyperdub founder Kode9, which seems to take cues from footwork and juke in its rapid-fire club steps.

Burial has been quite prolific over the past twelve months, sharing no less than four releases. In contrast to his last release, the Subtemple EP, which kept its focus on his arrangement experiments and soundscape development and felt more suited for engaged home listening, “Rodent” employs those qualities in a package primed to bring Burial’s pulse and influence onto dance floors.

“Rodent” is out now digitally via Hyperdub, with a 10″ vinyl release to follow on September 22.