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The latest from Bugzy Malone takes his traditional grime flair and wraps it up into a vivid, emotional story about what it means to belong. As an influential voice of Manchester, England since 2010, he’s linked up with BBC Radio 1Xtra‘s Fire In The Booth segment to show off his skills and he’s been preparing for his biggest release to date. His latest single, “Run,” features Rag’N’Bone Man on vocals, who’s also been on the rise since listeners fell in love with his one-of-a-kind singing voice.

“Run” is the third single off Bugzy Malone’s forthcoming debut album, B. Inspired, due out on August 17th. Within the song’s lyrics, Bugzy tells a story of a boy who’s on the run and looking for a home, which is exactly what happens in the song’s black and white music video. Opening with a simple piano melody, the production on “Run” harkens back to the basics of hip-hop through a classic drum beat and that same piano carrying through to the end of the song. On that note, Rag’n’Bone Man’s feature on this track fits so beautifully — his deep, soulful voice sufficiently carries the weight of the song’s personal lyricism. As for Bugzy Malone’s fan-favorite flow, his tight, laidback demeanor urges listeners to lean into the story and understand the feeling of being lost with nowhere to go. In the end, the message is simple: love yourself, and the rest will follow. Shout out to Bugzy for always keeping it real.

Watch the music video for “Run” above.