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I love grime. Not like the “Oh man, that’s tight” love, but the “I literally cannot live without this” kind. Growing up on UK dubstep and garage gave me insight into an underground world that few knew about, sans the “heads that know”. It is a world that was built off small-town tension, close friendships, and angst. Unlike American hip-hop, grime has a very particular sound with few deviations. Heavy bass, biting distortion, and cunning words from some of the quickest wits on the planet.

Buggsy is one such voice that consistently proves his value to the scene time and time again. His latest, “Time Is Ticking” produced by OfficialDrog, supports this claim. The instrumental is, however, a minor deviation from the standard distorted grime-style backing tract in that it adopts cleaner elements than most; hollow, hard-hitting 808s and repetitive hihats shine brightest. Though distortion still makes an appearance, and Buggsy’s words flow like water down the cliffside of a national park—falling flawlessly together and hitting hard as they land.

Buggsy is, for all intents and purposes, but one reason why my love for grime will never die.

Name your price for “Time Is Ticking” here, watch the video, and follow Buggsy on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Via La Grime!


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