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Photo: Fresh To Death

When I saw Sub Focus post a teaser for a new remix on Twitter earlier this week, my jaw was already on the floor — he posted a video playing out a remix of Bring Me The Horizon’s “mother tongue” and I immediately looked for a release date. That remix is out now, and it’s already on repeat.

It’s an official remix for BMTH which makes it that much more special; we’ve loved Sub Focus for years, and watching him release a one-of-a-kind remix for one of our favorite bands hits all the right spots. His remix “mother tongue” harkens back to Sub Focus’ classic drum and bass flair, turning Oliver Sykes’ vocals into a razor-sharp synth melody at the drop. Awkward remixes are sadly pretty common for bands like BMTH, but Sub Focus elevates this track in a way we never could have expected.

Listen to his remix of “mother tongue” below and find our review of Bring Me The Horizon’s amo here.