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Break Science, the two-piece, live electronic band from New York City just unveiled their LP Grid of Souls. Two brilliant and critically acclaimed musicians, Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee expand the horizon of organic EDM in their latest project. Deitch, Break Science’s drummer and co-producer, is one of the most respected and admired percussionists in the jam scene. While Lee, the band’s keyboardist and co-producer, is an original member of the Pretty Lights live band. With two intersecting and often dependent genres revealing themselves through their music, it’s only natural that Grid of Souls is a dynamic, thunderous series of compositions.

This spring LP is riddled with notable features from the likes of Brasstracks, Prob Cause, and Deitch’s crunchy funk band Lettuce. Catering to a spiritually-aware niche of heady music lovers, Grid of Souls radiates with a sense of consciousness and psychedelia. Between a dominating presence of future-funk and heavy bass, there are spaces and transitions defined by moments of soul, jazz, hip-hop, and OG electronic music. Track three of 10, “Android Love” featuring Lettuce, is unharnessed electronic-jam at its best, while track nine, “Force of Nature,” is an emotionally charged, synth-heavy single.

Manipulating a cosmic fusion of deviating sounds, Break Science relies on their frequent inspiration to continue redefining what dance music looks like. The Grid of Souls LP is trimmed with sounds as scene-specific as “old head” rap, yet remains entirely relatable. Blast off and explore this inter-dimensional soundscape below.