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New York based live electronic duo Brasstracks continue their monster year with the beginnings of their upcoming two part project Those Who Know. Shaping up to be the duo’s largest creative output since their Grammy win with Chance The Rapper’s “No Problem,” Brasstracks are eager to reinvent themselves. The duo is already shaking things up with the title track, as Ivan Jackson makes his vocal debut. Conor and Ivan have never shied away from taking creative risks, and with their combined performance proficiency in several live instruments, there’s no limit as to what these two can accomplish.

In addition to Ivan’s vocal debut, “Those Who Know” showcases the same memorable songwriting and trumpet fanfare that propelled this duo to the limelight. Despite their meteoric rise, Brasstracks don’t intend to slow their roll, continuing to push the boundaries of their lively, jazz inspired sound. Stay tuned for more Brasstracks as they unveil more from their two part project in the near future, and in the meantime, check out the title track “Those Who Know” available now.

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