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The latest Born Dirty tune is an absolute game changer. Could it be his first radio-ready hit? Quite possibly. “Crazy” is as the name suggests: spastic yet flowing, sharp yet rounded where it counts. It’s everything you’d want to hear from a left-field hit Jason Bentley would rinse on KCRW. It’s the kinda jam you’d use every muscle in your body to rock out to at a massive festival stage, small city venue, or even your room (just be careful about doing it in the shower or car). From the soul-searching vocals to the garage-driven foundation, you get a solid mix of exciting, powerful, and introspective. Mastered to perfection, every little nuance works together like a pool of non-Newtonian fluid.

Give “Crazy” a listen below and call into your local radio station to get it on the public airwaves.