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Americo Garcia & Jorge Medina make up the rising Los Angeles duo known as Boombox Cartel. Following the project’s official inauguration in 2012, the pair of producers have bounced between electro, dubstep, trap, and hip hop, taking pieces from each genre away with them and reassembling their influences in the studio for a growingly forward-thinking sound.

This year has undoubtedly been Americo and Jorge’s most exciting yet, as the guys made their OWSLA debut in the spring with the potent Jackal collaboration, “Jamba“, and next month, Boombox Cartel will be releasing their anticipated linkup with NGHTMRE titled “Aftershock” on Mad Decent. With the release just weeks away, we asked Americo and Jorge to take over this week’s MiniMix, and they’ve properly blown it out of the water. Check out the premiere of “Aftershock” along with a ton of mighty tunage in Boombox Cartel’s Nest HQ MiniMix, and read on for a chat about their thoughts on collaboration, highlights of 2015, and what the guys have planned for the end of the year.


Thanks for taking some time with us guys. To start out, tell us a bit about how you guys met and how the Boombox Cartel project came together.

We met in Monterrey, Mexico. We were both living there at the time between high school and college. We met on Facebook and used to talk about music, production and what not. Jorge was DJ’ing at the time and Americo had been producing. We were both pretty bad in school so we decided to give music – our long time passion/hobby – a try before it was too late. We both ended up attending the same music school in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jorge was doing electro house and Americo dubstep and all the other weird shit. Late 2012, this hip hop influence/ trap stuff came along and we both decided to make a track in that style and put it out under a name our friends helped us pick out. Boombox Cartel. Why? because Mexicans and music = Boombox Cartel ?

As the year winds down, what would you guys say was the highlight of 2015 for both of you?

“B2U” was a key ingredient for our relative success this year – it’s been 7 months since the track was released and we keep hearing about it being played by everyone and their moms all over the place, so sick! Another thing would have to be our Australian tour which was fucking legendary! Music wise, I think we finally found a sound and people are starting to recognize it, not to mention the amazing collaborations we had the chance to unveil with 3 amazing producers and good friends of ours, including our upcoming one with NGHTMRE! (Oh you mean Tyler?)

Tell us about that NGHTMRE collab coming out on Mad Decent. How did you guys get together with him on that?

We were all in Australia at our show together in Brisbane and it was actually one of the craziest shows we had over there – I don’t really remember how exactly but we bonded super hard and as soon as we got back we kept in touch with Tyler who was still over there. We sent over a work in progress we had for the tune and as soon as he got back we jumped in studio sessions and wrapped up the tune. The hardest part was definitely naming the track lol, we even did a reddit poll to get some ideas.

Collaboration has been great for you guys this year with tracks with Jackal, Bro Safari, and now NGHTMRE. Do you guys find that your creative process is enhanced when you have another producer to bounce ideas off of?

It’s very interesting working with other people, you feed off each other and if 1 head can come up with some crazy ideas imagine 3! It’s like a never-ending loophole of creative splashes. Another really cool thing is once everyone is in the same channel about the song it just flows and happens. It’s also really cool to learn how others work, one never stops learning.

What would you say is the best part about living in Los Angeles from an artist’s perspective?

There are so many interesting people in every aspect of the artistic world. So much talent everywhere you go! You meet people from all over the world… there’s always lot of stuff happening so it’s easy and entertaining to keep yourself active. The beach is amazing too, kinda wish we went more! Oh and Ramen & In n Out too duh.

What do y’all have planned for the end of 2015 and/or the start of the new year?

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC all sorts and types of music for when you are feeling happy, angry, sad and turnt. Our collab with NGHTMRE which is coming outNovember 10th via Mad Decent and a few HUGE songs that are going to knock your socks off LITERALLY.

Finally, tell us a bit about the mix you’ve put together for us. Any standout tracks or IDs we should keep a keen ear on?

It has the right amount of ingredients to set any type of mood ranging from your cooking classes with grandma all the way to a sick frat party.

Boombox Cartel x NGHTMRE – Aftershock
RL Grime – Valhalla ft. Djemba Djemba
Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Skrillex “Goin’ Hard” Mix)
Knife Party – Boss Mode
Rogue – Rattlesnake
Boombox Cartel – Water Break
Boombox Cartel – ID
NOAHPLAUSE – Runnin’ (Ray Volpe Remix)
Ricky Remedy – Ricochet
Boombox Cartel & Jackal – Jamba (Boombox Cartel Edit)
The Partysquad – Dat Is Da Ting (Alvaro Remix)
DJ Snake vs Astronomar – Birthday (Philly Blunt Mash)
Command Q & JSTJR – Gobble
OG Maco x DJ Snake – Bitch U Breathed It (Boombox Cartel Edit
Major Lazer x DJ Snake – Lean On (Boombox Cartel Edit)
Getter x Ookay – World
Tritonal – Gamma Gamma (Brillz Remix)
Ookay – Egg Drop Soup
Wiwek & Alvaro – Boomshakatak (FlipN’Gawd Jersey Terror Remix)
Hasse De Moor – Time Out
Ookay – How U Like Me Now
Bro Safari x Boombox Cartel – Flip
Ricky Remedy – Make Me
Boombox Cartel – B2U
RL Grime – Core
NGHTMRE – Street
Vincent – Only
Louis The Child – It’s Strange ft. K.Flay (Boombox Cartel Remix)
Kriss Kross – Jump (Willy Joy & Hexes Bootleg)
Diplo & DJ Snake – Drop (Retrohandz Remix)
Bad Royale – Pop (ft. Dominique Young Unique)
Skrillex ft. Ragga Twins – Ragga Bomb (Dapp Rebomb)
Boombox Cartel – ID


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