This is our story...

Travel through a funhouse of washitsu, Japanese style rooms, in Bonobo and Nick Murphy‘s video for their joint song “No Reason” directed by Oscar Hudson.

The video begins with a sleeping man in red shorts and a surgical face mask. He awakens and looks in the mirror before his door mysteriously opens. He walks through into a nearly identical scenario: another version of himself looking into the mirror. As the rooms pass by, we realize that he’s in some sort of dream sequence. Is this his life passing by before his eyes? The rooms get smaller. Is this to symbolize the dwindling progress of his life, flickering out like a once optimistic flame? As we approach the last room, the camera stops and the door closes. Rewind. Each version of the man grasps desperately at the camera to no avail.

The sleeping man awakens once more, only to repeat the same actions in the opening scene.

Is this all we are? Is there no rhyme and no reason?