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BLANDA might be a new name on the scene, but his musical proficiencies go way back. For some perspective, BLANDA has been playing piano for 15 years…yet he was only born in the late 90s. His dedication to music from such a young age ultimately led to a stint at Berklee College of Music, but the Minnesota-based producer has recently left his position there to pursue his own music full-time.

Inspired by innovative labels like Brainfeeder and modern electronic music pioneers like Mr. Carmack, BLANDA approaches his own productions with multiple layers of influence, including traditional sounds of jazz, funk, and R&B as well as the more contemporary attributes found in hard beats and trap. Just last month, BLANDA debuted this cross-section of aural inspiration in his first body of work, Blue Flannels, which illuminated the young producer’s graduated style across four quality originals. Stunning arpeggios and blinding synths in lead track “Trust” recalled some of Tennyson’s best work, while the chord progressions found in “Lawd” and “Adhesive” underlined the great depth of BLANDA’s musical erudition. Lastly, “Nine” was where BLANDA’s interests in beats and hip hop shone through, as sharp percussion lined up nicely against atmospheric melodies.

As his debut EP continues to pick up steam and BLANDA prepares for his first-ever hometown show in Minneapolis at the end of this month, it feels like its very much the exciting commencement for this patently talented musician. Dig into our Artist Spotlight for BLANDA below.

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