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California-native Big Wild is a breath of fresh air, and the jump point for adventure into your lungs. The rising producer has quickly amassed attention in all the right places and today he presents his debut Invincible EP via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. Just like the magnificent Redwood forests surrounding Big Wild, the EP is awe-inspiring. With an infectious groove, it creates this feeling of something larger, something much more significant. The collection of songs presented breathes new life into all that is around it.

The progression of the EP is driven by clean basslines that feel reminiscent of lo-fi frequencies. Opening up with “When I Get There,” you’re catapulted into the alternative realm of electronic music. Tracks like “Empty Room” with Yuna bring forward elements of the jazz era, creating some truly unique soundscapes. “I Just Wanna” shows the more adorable side of the producer and is my favourite track of the release. Likewise with “Crickets,” the melodies wash over you like those west coast waves and sweet, sweet summertime sun. His signature adventurous pop synth-work for the lead single “Invincible” with iDA HAWK will leave you absolutely breathless.

Big Wild has created a fast-track trip into the alluring California landscapes with Invincible. The EP demonstrates experiments with new vocalists and breaks the boundaries of the producer’s traditional style. It stands as one momentous composition, breathing in new life. Catch Big Wild on tour this spring and listen to the full record below.

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