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Canadian hip-hop artist Belly recently dropped his second collaboration with The Weeknd titled “What You Want.” Also known as Rebellyus, his debut album The Revolution launched his career back in 2007. Since he also has a hand in a multitude of songwriting projects for big names like Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, The Weeknd, and even a track in Fifty Shades of Grey. Today, he’s a highly-acclaimed influencer in the hip-hop genre. His first song “Might Not” featuring The Weeknd was a part of his 2015 album Up For Days.

To focus on “What You Want,” beginning with an R&B-lead harmony, a soft-spoken message begins to unfold. Belly’s lyricisms are paired perfectly with a progressive drum pattern, which then leads into The Weeknd’s impassioned chorus verse. As the melody flows, “What You Want” lays down a simple love story as the two take turns fading in and out. The build comes just as does the emotion here, effortless due to the fact that it’s just pleading a clear, heartfelt message to whomever it was made for.

Roc Nation Records officially released Belly’s “What You Want” featuring the Weeknd on May 24th. You can listen to it now below.