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One of the driving forces of the current state of bass music in America is gearing up for their biggest standalone event yet. Bassrush Massive, the two-day, three-stage festival dedicated to all things bass, is touching down next Friday, July 20th through July 21st in Southern California. To celebrate, Bassrush curated a stellar compilation to highlight the festival’s legendary acts and some worthy up-and-comers.

There’s a generous handful of exclusive tracks on this compilation, beginning with “F YOU” by Caspa, one of the artists who helped paved the way to dubstep’s explosive rise in America. This track is constructed in traditional Caspa fashion, boasting penetrating wobbles and classic sound design. Bassrush also recruited some of today’s power players in the rising riddim genre, Oolacile, INFEKT, and MurDa, for a heavy-handed collaboration. Aptly titled, “Triple Threat” takes a little bit of flair from each artist: Oolacile’s mechanically-motivated structure, INFEKT’s juicy sound design, and MurDa’s relentless arrangement techniques. “Triple Threat” is one hell of a ride and stands out on its own as a delightfully strange amalgamation of sound. To aid in holding down the dubstep front, hot new tracks from Spag Heddy, Herobust, Yakz, Al Ross, and more are part of this collection.

Delving into the drum and bass selections of the compilation, Bassrush included artists we’ve loved since day one and some of Los Angeles’ hometown heroes as well. “Lightspeed” by Prolix is the first drum and bass tune that appears in the tracklist, and it comes in like a wrecking ball of pure energy and distortion. LA’s Consouls and Kronology came together for a track on this release titled “Like That,” a classically structured DNB track with outstanding arrangement and power — I can’t wait to dance my ass off to this one at the festival. Neurofunk masters Mefjus and Phace make an appearance on the compilation with their collab “Wasteman,” and it’s exactly what you’d expect from these madmen: biting percussion and out-of-this-world sound design. Finally, one of LA’s resident DJs donned her production hat for the track “Hekatê” with Follow The Sun. This one’s so great because of its haunting, yet sprightly tendencies and ultra-refined percussion.

To round out the compilation and wrap it into a perfect representation of what to expect at the festival, we’ve got some quality bass tunes from the experimental corner of the genre. Offering exclusive singles from some of today’s most celebrated bass producers, Bassrush included tracks from Tsuruda, Great Dane, Chee, and more. Tsuruda’s “raider” is a UK grime-inspired heater with intense attention to detail, reeling in those of us who love to dwell in the underground trenches of the bass scene. Great Dane’s “Elevate” flirts with the line between the experimental bass genre and straight-up dubstep, adopting hefty wobbles and fine-tuned drums.

All in all, this compilation touches on all the sounds you’ll hear at the festival with a wide representation of the talent to come. I was already counting down the days, but I think I’ll be counting down the hours, now. Bassrush Massive takes place at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA on Friday, July 20th and Saturday, July 21st — check out the full lineup below. Purchase your tickets here while you still can, and relish in the bass-fueled glory below.