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Bassnectar, master of all things bass, has returned to the Reflective EP series he started this summer with a new six-tracker, four of which are previously-unreleased songs.

His new Reflective (Part 2) EP opens with the soothing Bassnectar song “Other Worlds” with Dorfex Bos, and the biting Digital Ethos collab “Slather,” both slowly doled out over the past month in the lead-up to release.

Then, “Disrupt the System” with PEEKABOO employs a plucking build and hyphy vocals from Azeem that lead into a head-nodding drop, before the fresh G. Jones collab “Chromatek” appears to find iridescent harmony between hope and fury. The EP also includes an anticipated Bassnectar of EPROM’s “Pineapple” that’s been receiving heavy set play throughout 2017.

Finally, Loren closes the EP by revealing his new project NAUX FAUX, a downtempo duo with his long-time friend Sayr who’s previously collaborated with Bassnectar in the early 2000s. The first Naux Faux track, “Psyopia,” comes in the form of a Bassnectar remix – hopefully we’ll be hearing the original soon.

Reflective (Part 2) is out now via Amorphous Music.