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The third and final installment of Bassnectar‘s genre-defying Reflective EP series dropped last week and featured some very cool cuts, most notably those with Vindata and Conrank. He also included a juicy, industrial, midtempo remix of Rusko‘s “High” as well as a remix of his own side project with longtime collaborator Sayr, Naux Faux. Basically, Bassnectar does whatever the hell he wants on this EP, and we’re good with it.

We can hear Bassnectar’s signature blend of heady, bass-fueled psychedelia and ruthlessly industrial sound design in his collab with Conrank, “Easy Does It.” His track with Vindata “The Mothership” is a more laidback (and dare I say a reflective iteration of the EP’s overall vibe) with more of a pretty, future-bass feel hitched to a snappy trap hook. It’s my favorite song on the EP with the Rusko remix coming in at a close second; like the Vindata collab, it’s another slow-burning, big-feels track that has sound design rooted in classical dubstep stylings channeled into a much more mellow, protracted progression.

Other guests making appearances on the EP include Reeps One, Maximillian, RD, Gnar Gnar, and Jantsen. We absolutely recommend startinf with the opening track, a stripped down and tripped out remix of a song off his 2007 Underground Communication album called “FSOSF” crafted to set a mood I’ll call inspired, liquid introspection. Experience it for yourself below.