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BASECAMP‘s sophomore EP, Greater Than, released just over nine months ago on OWSLA and has become a benchmark of sound for aspiring indie-electronic acts. Their music has a tangible weight to it and their lyricism is stripped but intimate. Today, BASECAMP have dropped the music video for “esc”, which mirrors the melancholic and despondent undertones of the original record.

The video portrays both first and third person interpretations of the protagonist following a woman through a night club. He purposefully lags behind her, constantly too far for interaction but close enough to stay involved. This main story line, coupled with the random scenes of demonic dancing and blurry vision, does an astounding job of presenting the incoherence of a brain fucked up by both substance and emotion.

Watch the video above and grab Greater Than on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube. Find more of BASECAMP on SoundCloud and Twitter.