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It’s time to give a warm welcome back to the duo of Bandlez. Yes, the duo is a duo again and they’ve just announced their biggest news to date: they’ve signed to Disciple Round Table with a brand new EP available now. I love so much of what Disciple and Disciple Round Table does these days, but Bandlez’s latest Bass Buddiez EP represents the next generation of dubstep through and through.

The friendship element is present from the moment you press play on the opening track (“Here’s to good friends”), aptly titled “Together Again.” This introductory song showcases the duo’s production chops and exceptional sound design, starting the riot with quite the bang. Next up, we’re met with my favorite song off Bass Buddiez, the startling “Space Bubblez.” I love how this track is named after the way it sounds — Bandlez create bouncy, bubbly basses that stand tall on their own atop punching percussion, making this tune the certified banger of the bunch. The best part about it? This tune’s actually available for free download here. Another fan-favorite off this EP is the rough and tough “Weeble Wobble,” a track strong enough to break your sound system if you decide to crank it. To close it up, the off-kilter anthem “Low End Theory” delivers a different flavor of dubstep to the stage. Rooted in basses that sound straight out of 2010, Bandlez fuse the latest riddim sound with a classic flair for one satisfying production.

As a whole, Bass Buddiez EP is a smashing debut on Disciple Round Table and a warm welcome back to the duo — listen below.