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Bad Royale have been on a tear since the project debuted with Mad Decent in 2015. Comprised of Maor Levi, Bruce Karlsson, Kevin Wild, and Elias Ghosn, the production group have explored various approaches to ‘Caribbean Bass,’ allowing the California-based artists to enjoy solid success on Diplo’s imprint as well as release an official collaboration with Major Lazer in the front of 2016.

More recently, the guys have been working closely with Steve Aoki for his recently released full length, Kolony, in which they produced two cuts, “$4,000,000” and “No Time,” featuringĀ MA$E & Big Gigantic and Jimmy October, respectively. A couple months before that, Bad Royale jumped over the UK to work in the studio with a well-known songwriter under the alias of Silver, and with a more pop-leaning yet still island-influenced sound, their collaboration “All I Can Do” was signed to esteemed British label, Polydor, in May.

The rest of August and September will see Bad Royale linking up with Henry Fong on the Summer Sound System tour, which will hitĀ 15 stops across North America. Before the guys take off, we had them take over this week’s mix and answer some Qs about their busy summer thus far.

Listen in and read on below.


Thanks for taking some time guys. Seems like y’all have a ton of stuff going on at the moment — two cuts on Aoki’s record out the other week, a new collab with Henry Fong this week, and an upcoming tour with him over the next couple months. How’s everyone feeling this summer so far?

Summer is shaping up to be good this season for us! We have a lot more big records to come in the coming months! I guess we are kind of looking at fall and winter now, but this summer was a blast, more than we could have imagined!

You guys have always covered a lot of ground musically. Your May single “All I Can Do” on Polydor, for instance, leans much more into the pop realm than “Rock Ya Hips.” Do you feel partial to any particular sound or style at the moment?

We are just trying to fuse as many different genres as we can. All I Can Do had a lot of caribbean flavor too it, it was heavily influenced by our time in the islands. Rock Ya Hips is a club track, they have their own agendes behind each track. You need to make the ear pleasing tracks to attract new fans, but we also are making club tracks to be true to our base that want those heavy caribbean bass tracks.

How was it working with Silver on “All I Can Do”?

None of us were expecting the track to turn out the way it did, especially from the start. We loved working with Silver, and see a lot more to come with him in the future.

Are there any plans for a Bad Royale album in the near future?

Plans, yes. Execution, not quite there yet.

Four people traveling around together band-style is obviously super rare in the DJ world. Do you guys try to have all four of you at DJ gigs as much as possible?

We split up on most gigs, two of us go out on tour, while the other two stay at home in the studio. It is how we are able to get so much work done. We only send all four of us when we are playing big festivals or club gigs, for example, Tomorrowland, all four of us were there for the debute of our collabs with Steve Aoki, as well as our first time playing Tomorrowland. The ability to break up has shown its strengths, as far as getting work done, but also has allowed up to play two parts of the globe on the same night on occasions.

What’s the best non-electronic show you guys have seen this year?

Above & Beyond Acoustic at the Hollywood Bowl, some people may point out our bias, others may say that it dips into electronica, we stand firm with this answer.

Finally, tell us a bit about the mix you’ve put together here for us.

Well, the mix is more geared towards the club side of how we play. A lot of originals and mashups, but still a bit different from what you would get if you see us live. The energy is there, but we added some of oldies, and some songs from friends, usually live you will get 100% Bad Royale tracks and remixes, but for a mix we wanted to put together something that also showed what we liked to listen to from our friends.

1. Beenie Man & Major Lazer – The King
2. Bad Royale – Poppin All Night
3. Bad Royale feat. Dominque Young Unique – Pop vs Jack U feat. 2 Chainz – Febreze
4. Skrillex vs Must Die – VIPs (Gent & Jawns Remix)
5. Valentino Khan & Skrillex feat. Kstylis – Slam Dunk vs Bro Safari – Follow (Zomboy Remix) vs Valentino Khan & Skrillex feat. Kstylis – Slam Dunk (Meaux Greem Remix)
6. Silento – Watch Me (Bad Royale Remix) vs Beyonce – 7/11 (Skrillex & Diplo’s Jack U Remix)
7. Diplo – Biggie Bounce (G-Buck Remix) vs 2 Chainz – Watch Out (Bad Royale x Styles&Complete Remix)
8. Desiigner – Panda (Benzie Edit) vs Drake – Hotline Bling (Ookay Remix)
9. Travis Scott – Antidote (Bad Royale Remix)
10. Migos – Look At My Dab (Diplo & Bad Royale Remix)
11. Party Favor – Bust ‘Em vs. Party Favor & Gent & Jawns – Back Again
12. Bad Royale feat. Richie Loop – Super Man (Megamaor Remix) vs. Bad Royale feat. Richie Loop – Super Man
13. Bad Royale feat Richie Loop – One Puff vs Bad Royale feat. Future Fambo – Gyal Ya Shake It vs. DJ Khaled – I Got The Keys
14. Gent & Jawns – Collecta vs. Bad Royale feat. Richie Loop – King
15. 4B x Aazar – Pop Dat vs. Bad Royale feat. IAmStylezMusic – Dutty Heart
16. Valentino Khan & Bad Royale feat. Richie Loop – Get Out My Way
17. Steve Aoki & Bad Royale feat. Jimmy October – No Time
18. Bad Royale feat. Mark Hardy – Galaxy Ranger
19. Party Favor & Bad Royale feat. Richie Loop – Generals
20. Skrillex & Diplo feat. Snails & Taranchyla – Holla Out
21. Boaz – Flippo vs Boaz van dew Beatz feat. Riff Raff & Mr. Polska – Guappa
22. DJ Snake & Yellow Claw – Ocho Cinco (Bad Royale Remix)
23. Major Lazer & Bad Royale – My Number
24. Skrillex & Team EZY fdeat. DJOMZA – Pretty Bye Bye (Bad Royale Remix)
25. The Chainsmokers feat. Charlee – Inside Out (Bad Royale Remix)
26. French Montana feat. Swar Lee – Unforgettable (Bad Royale Remix)
27. Rihanna feat. Drake – Work (Bad Royale Remix)
28. Skrillex feat. Fat Man Scoop – Recess (Milo & Otis Remix)
29. Sia feat. Sean Paul – Cheap Thrills (Henry Fong & Megamaor Remix)
30. Eric Belinger feat Fetty Wap & 2 Chainz – Valet (Bad Royale Bootleg)
31. Bad Royale feat. Richie Loop – Move Like x Rihanna – Needed Me
32. Bad Royale feat. Richie Loop – The Royale Anthem
33. Major Lazer feat. Ms Thing – When You Hear The Bassline (Bad Royale Remix)
34. Olantunji – Oh Yay (Bad Royale Remix)
35. Flipo – Her Love (Bad Royale Remix)


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