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Contemporary R&B is an abyss of electronic instrumentals and impassioned vocals that leave you pondering what the heart wants. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, aybner is a producer, writer, and performer who has stepped forward with his soul creations. At age 18, Jack has already co-produced tracks with fellow Melbourne artists, opened for Troyboi and graves, and is about to release his Analog Vision record demo tape coming April 3rd. Though young, he has already shown an impressive ability to build raw emotional depth.

Currently, aybner has released three teasers off Analog Vision: “Can’t Escape”, “Sunday” ft. Ojikae, and “Lose Control.” Each are a bit different in rhythm, but expose modern-day sentiments within each ambient sound. As individual songs, they illustrate little pieces of the many different feelings you can feel about someone special. I’m eager to hear the full tape.

My favorite is “Lose Control” because it gradually slips away into fuzzy moments of love and loss. This rhythm is backed with a slow drum machine, as well as aybner’s personal vocals atop layers of synths. A piano joins the entrancing melody once “Lose Control” has taken your memories and begun to flip through them. The lyrics are simple, but there isn’t anything else needed to be said.

“Lose Control” Lyrics:
“And I simply lose control. (x4)
If you were different.
It’s not the same.
Disordered constructs, clutter my brain. (x4)”

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