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Day after day, Flamingosis proves he’s the man we should be keeping our eye on in the realm of chill, pocket groove hip-hop music. His sound hits everything from old R&B and soul samples to the most upbeat disco jams.

Last week, Flamingosis hit Dancing Astronaut’s longstanding mix series for an hour-long mix of some serious tunes. Most of them are his own, but he’s got a few gems from Lindsay Lowend, Harvey Sutherland, and Geotheory in there as well.

Give the “AXIS 192: Flamingosis” mix a listen and check the tracklist below.

AXIS 192: Flamingosis Tracklist:
1. Flamingosis x Tokyo Megaplex – Herbie
2. Mall Grab – Can’t Take it No More
3. Letherette – Dog Brush
4. Max Graef – Itzehoe
5. Lindsay Lowend – Feb 19
6. Greybox – Move it Like
7. Robots Can’t Dance – The Bizness
8. Lafa Taylor & Aabo – Turn My Music Up (Flamingosis remix)
9. Flamingosis x The Kount – Natural
10. Harvey Sutherland – New Paradise
11. Flamingosis – Dorothy
12. Flamingosis – Layove
13. Flamingosis – Is it Worth It? (Lemme Work It)
14. Delakeyz – Sunday Jam
15. Mall Grab – Father
16. Mocky – Tomorrow Maker (Flamingosis x The Kount edit)
17. The Bucketheads – The Bomb
18. Flamingosis – She’s a Bitch
19. Flamingosis x Yung Bae – Doo Do Doooo
20. Geotheory – Come To Me
21. Letherette – Cherryade
22. Flamingosis x The Kount – Keep Shining
23. Flamingosis x The Kount – Mocky Edit
24. Dom$olo – uuuUuuUuuuUuUu