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bwip bwa bwa bweep bweep bwip bwoop 

Shortly after returning from his support for Kill the Noise during the Occult Classic tour, LA based homie, AWE, gives us a new freebie called “3MV”. The latest single is an exercise in bleeps, sweeps and creeps as a bouncing lead mirrors gritty low-end synth and chalky bass shots. Then there’s an adorable mid section which taps into AWE’s 80’s influence with a cheeky ballad that quickly melts as we dive into the killer second half of the track. As always, AWE’s technical chops are on point for this one, and he makes something that is extremely complicated sound like an effortless and fun banger.

Grab a free download of “3MV” and keep up with AWE on SoundCloud and Twitter.

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