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New Jersey-based producer Ase Manual‘s hybrid seven-track album Lumi is our first introduction to his wild sound and we’re happy to report it’s a superb foray into upbeat, experimental electronic music. Fusing elements of techno, jazz, funk, and world house music, every song on Lumi invites us into a new sonic tableau that feels like a different scene from a movie of his life. Self-described as “a sonic snapshot of life after desecration,” these songs feel like they carry us through the stages of initial perception, anguished mourning, and ultimately acceptance on this largely wordless musical journey.

There’s inherently a Jersey club edge to the DNA of many of the beats contained on the album and it’s rather extraordinary to hear that core sound morph into so many other musical styles. Dive into Lumi below and if you’re not sure where to start, try the trippy, classically-rooted “Way of the Earth Kid” which features strings from Stephanie Yu.