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We just discovered LA-based artist SAFIA MAFIA and feel like we’re in on the groundfloor of the next Sia meets FKA Twigs-level star with major potential in the pop world. Both her R&B, rock ‘n roll-inspired electronic style and her visual aesthetic are supremely on point, we’ve dropped a couple of her music videos in below to give you a feel for the SAFIA MAFIA universe. The first one “Box Chev” from 2016 is elegantly simple black and white; the song itself builds up into a house groove with a juicy drop topped by Lana del Rey-esque vocals. In the second from just three weeks ago for “Nostalgia” SAFIA hypnotizes us with her haunting vocals draped over an electric-guitar driven, emo-tronica pop-progression. This week’s Artist Spotlight takes a deeper look at her near-breaking point.

SAFIA is actively capturing her rise in what appears to the first of a series released last year called A Day In The Life where she gets personal about her decision to come to LA and what keeps her going. It seems like so much has happened for her in the time since this video was shot last year and either she’s got backing or is somehow slaying the DIY content game because her videos (as you’ll see above) are utterly stunning.

We’ve put together five tracks integral to your immersion in the SAFIA MAFIA universe, starting with her very first release on SoundCloud “MOB” that showcases the range of her voice and hints at the rock ‘n roll future vibe her music’s ventured towards. “GHOST,” a dramatically beautiful, hyper-digital ballad is followed by her sexy, adrenaline-soaked single “BOX CHEV,” whose video is also posted above along with the one for “Nostalgia,” which is sensual, soulful R&B. The last track “Beam Me Up” is a funked-up driving song that sounds vaguely Gorillaz inspired in the best possible way. Join the SAFIA MAFIA below.