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Ok Sure is the moniker of Akaysha Rose, a multitalented artist from Melbourne who recently burst onto our radar with the winning remix for Hermitude’s “Ukiyo” Remix Competition hosted by triple J’s music discovery platform, Unearthed. What set her remix apart, and clearly elevated it above the other entries, was the unique approach she took to her rendition. There’s an attractive moodiness to much of Ok Sure’s output, including her “Ukiyo” remix, that immediately entrances, whether she’s diving into a melodic, downtempo rabbit hole of electronica or a gritty, industrial production intentionally rough around the edges.

The product of nearly ten years of musical experience, OK Sure saddled up on the electronic music horse at age 13 and has been honing her edge ever since. She’s dedicated her live shows to represent the darkness of her own productions, while Ok Sure DJ sets can span the sounds of all of her influences — from disco to techno to electro and back again. When she’s not making music, Ok Sure exercises her creativity through visual art, having worked for Melbourne promotion & touring company, Thick As Thieves, as well as esteemed label, Ministry of Sound.

Check out the quote from Akaysha about her musical project and listen in to some of our favorites from Ok Sure in the Spotlight playlist below.

I was producing under Kaysh (more electro house) in the beginning but wanted to put together a downtempo experimental project I could do live and attempt to sing. I started the Ok Sure alias after my housemate at the time (2009) said ‘ok sure’ to me and then pointed out the phonetic similarities between those words and my name Akaysha. It ended up sticking. Early Ok Sure stuff was very raw, industrial and dark with angry vocals about people pissing me off, it was my outlet for all the frustrations in my life, my unhealthy relationships etc. I guess it still is like that, but a little more polished, and I try and avoid too many unhealthy situations (a few is always good for inspiration though).

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