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Today, we’re shining our spotlight on Toronto-based artist MorMor, a hybrid pop artist who plays with bold progressions and consistently surprising instrumental flair. Music has always been a world that MorMor, whose real name is Seth Nyquist, has occupied in favor of real life. He told Pitchfork last year in an article titled MorMor Is Wary of Becoming an Indie-Pop Star, But It’s Happening Anyway, “I’ve realized how much I’m my own person and it wouldn’t matter to me if I was in contact with my friends or family all the time. I could just live in my own world.” We invite you into that world now with five entry-listening tracks to get a taste of the MorMor experience.

First up on our playlist, we have the release that put him on the map, “Heaven’s Only Wishful,” which ended up making its way to well-known musical director Scott Vener, who co-hosted the Beats 1 radio show OTHERtone with Pharrell. Nyquist met his management through Scott, who also manages Adele, Rick Rubin, and King Krule just to name a few, and he’s been fast-tracked to icon status. Take note, because you’ll be seeing his name everywhere in the coming year, including on FORM Arcosanti’s just-released lineup. After that, we head straight to the stars with the celestial and silky-smooth R&B crooner “Whatever Comes to Mind,” a slow-burning feels-trip made for slow dancing, even just by yourself.

We bring the energy up on the next pick “Waiting on the Warmth,” which is also off his Heaven’s Only Wishful EP along with the two aforementioned tracks. This one brings a soft-core dance party to mind, where you can’t help but move but it’s not too aggressive, gently building and holding tension before releasing its majesty in soulful, indietronic drop we didn’t see coming. There’s a wild electric guitar let loose in the background that makes itself known periodically as the track progresses, eventually joining forces with the last drop to bring it to a most satisfying close. We also threw Jacques Greene’s remix of “Heaven’s Only Wishful” on this playlist just for the hell of it, because it’s so damned good and offers a spectacularly lush re-imagination of the original.

Finally, we leave you with MorMor’s newest release from December titled “Pass That Hours,” a gently rolling, hyper-instrumental pop song that with a progression that sounds like it mimics an orchestral suite. There’s a sparkle to every note and detail in the production that renders this one undeniably compelling and has us chomping at the bit for new releases. We hope your entry into the MorMor experience is as pleasurably memorable as it’s been for us and leave you with this playlist, made with love.