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Songstress Luna Shadows, Queen of LA’s Echo Park neighborhood/creative haven, is the subject of this week’s Artist Spotlight because we’ve been stuck in a loop playing her SoundCloud page for days following a weekend road trip. Since Luna burst on the scene in 2016 with her Summertime EP, which got a ton of love on Spotify and in the press, she’s been carefully creating an aesthetic universe to compliment her sonic world that’s its own, completely captivating work of art.

We’ve put together five essential Luna Shadows releases for you, four originals and a cover, which runs the full spectrum of her sound. Although she’s perceived as a relatively new artist, Luna has been making music for most of her life and working on the launch of her solo career for nearly half a decade before releasing a single song. She tossed out an entire record in 2014 when she realized her demos had more soul and was closer to her original intention as an artist than the final product because that’s how rooted and dedicated Luna is to her artistic vision.

The first track in the playlist is an anthemic tribute to her chosen home “Hallelujah California” off her Summertime EP, which is what first introduced her to us. The second “Cherry” is what made me fall in love with her sonic aesthetic, it’s a sweeping electronica ballad with a massive sound that feels like a more authentic and visceral Lana del Rey song. Third up is a single from earlier this year called “Thorns,” a key-driven, synth-pop dreamland contrasted with sad, evocative lyrics. Her latest release “Youth,” which came out just a few weeks ago, is closer to an indie-band sound than anything we’ve heard from her yet and it totally works.

And finally, her cover of Brand New’s “Jesus Christ” is last on the playlist since it will soon be removed from the Internet following news of sexual assault allegations against BN band member Jesse Lacey. Luna wrote on her SoundCloud, “I am deeply saddened to share that I will be removing my cover from digital platforms in the near future. In the meantime, all future proceeds from iTunes sales will be donated to victims of sexual assault and abuse.” Watch for Luna coming in 2018 to a festival near you, but in the meantime enjoy this wicked playlist.