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Ty Acord has gone through many different transformations on his road to pursuing the world of solo music production. Late last year he left his position as the turntablist and keyboard player of a metal band to launch his own project under the alias Scout. After a handful of productions, notably an official remix of Zedd’s “Beautiful Now”, Ty adopted the name lophiile. Since then, he’s steadily continued to build momentum behind the project with original and remixed releases that put funk, future bass, hip hop, and r&b in a blender — think Carmack, Lido, and ABSRDST fed through the filter of a background in live music. lophiile’s latest, “Preach”, sounds like the musical equivalent of a perfect day filled with feel-good weather.

Dig into that track and more in our Artist Spotlight on lophiile below.

Growing Up
I grew up in Washington. First up north, then I moved to Tacoma. I was able to attend an art school and fell in love with music there. About 5 years ago I moved to LA to try and get in the production game and have been grinding ever since.

My musical influences range quite a bit but I think the most influential music growing up has been Stevie Wonder, India.Arie, Death Cab for Cutie, Linkin Park, and Fatboy Slim… just to name a few. As far as producers go, I really love Billboard, Oliver, whereisalex, Lido, Gravez, Tennyson, and MXXWLL. But the list goes on and on, I could talk about music all day.

Plans for 2016 
Currently working on a debut EP! Finally. I’m excited for it because I finally feel like I’m finding my ‘sound’. Definitely be on the lookout.

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