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Today, we’re shining the Artist Spotlight on Dreamcrusher, who’s been making music for nearly 16 years. The Wichita-hailing multi-genre artist, whose birth name is Luwayne Glass, didn’t start releasing tracks until 2009, but by then had begun to hone in a proprietary breed of self-described “☥ NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK ☥.” Dreamcrusher has been a visual artist since childhood, always having the instinct to draw album covers for records that didn’t exist yet. With zero musical training (except as a drummer), the stage was set for Luwayne to become a wildly experimental noise artist, so thankfully all that album artwork compulsively created over the years wouldn’t have to go to waste.

We kick off with the industrial, distortedly fuzzy “Adore,” a 2015 release with a snarling edge to a very heavy production with just enough of a dance melody to make you move. The song was described by Pitchfork as “…profoundly charming and fascinating,” going on to say there’s “something loving, something human, something sensual—all things missing in a lot of the cold lockstep of noise that follows a predetermined path too closely.” Well damn, we’re not going to be able to say it any better than that. Next up, we included a cut off the 2014 Suicide Deluxe release called “Goths at the Beach,” which in addition to having an excellent title also has an enrapturing, synth-laced melody that carries along a blistering fever dream of a pop song which feels like it’s bubbling beneath a scathing sonic surface.

Next up off the latest Dreamcrusher release Grudge2, we have “Youth Problem,” made with the help of Alice Glass (no relation). A deadly-sounding hypnotic loop lures us in before collapsing into a righteously satisfying cacophony of distorted noise driven by a throbbing bassline. The high-octane groove on this one sounds like it could belong on a Prodigy track from any era, but also makes you realize just how shockingly clean a Prodigy track sounds compared to Dreamcrusher; this production basically sounds like it had beer spilled all over it in the best possible way. Grudge2‘s opener “PSA” is up next, another song built off a strange loop that gives way to shrill, gratingly metallic sounds that cut through your earholes with a vengeance, and yet somehow manage to make their way into a reliably feel-good rhythm. It also boasts this insane music video, which is arguably the most high-impact, low-budget video of the year which perfectly matches the track.

Finally for our last pick, we have “Hungry” with Show Me The Body off their 2017 mixtape Corpus 1, which sounds a bit like a marching band devolving into violent fantasy, once again in the best possible way. It’s so wild, so angry, so dark, and so fully unhinged we can’t help but love it for its sheer originality; as soon as I picked my jaw up off the floor, I had to play it a second time. Get yourself a mini-education in Dreamcrusher’s body of work in our playlist below and check out the Grudge2 EP here.