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This week we’re shining the spotlight on one of dance music’s favorite featured vocalists Anna Yvette, who’s obviously a prolific singer but also low-key one of the most talented producers in the game. Old school dubstep fans and new school Monstercat fans alike know her name from the literally hundred collaborations and features she currently has on streaming platforms, and she just announced last month that her latest release with Pegboard Nerds for Monstercat’s Rocket League soundtrack will be her last feature ever; here’s hoping that means she has solo material coming very soon.

We’ve put together five essential Anna Yvette tracks for your listening pleasure, starting with the aforementioned Rocket League track “Party Freaks,” an unabashedly ’80s-inspired electro heater perfect for playing football with cars, which is admittedly the extent of my knowledge of the game. Second up, we have her collab “Summer Never Ends” with Laura Brehm, an indie-tronic dance track packed full of standout instrumental elements and a timeless hook.

For the third pick “Best Friends,” we’re headed back to the synth-wave magic of the ’80s, seemingly Anna’s favorite era when it comes to musical inspiration, for a proper, big-feels pop tune. This playlist suddenly takes a quick shift into fifth gear, even though it’s only the fourth track, to show you one of her most elegant features aptly backed by a gentle piano over a viscerally aggressive production from MUST DIE! and ETC! ETC! on “Panic Attack.”

And for our final pick, just to show off her diversity as a producer, pianist, and of course to give you a final dose of massive feels, we’ve included her four-year-old cover of Calvin Harris and Alesso’s “Under Control.” The original features Hurts on vocals, but we think you’ll agree after hearing this it’s much better performed by Anna. This cover will instantly transport you back to your early raver days, even if they’ve only just begun – there’s an inherent nostalgia to any big room EDM song being performed as an instrumental ballad, and she captures the emotional experience of losing yourself on the dancefloor then slows it down so you can actually savor it. You now have everything you need to dive into the magical world of Anna Yvette, or “Mama Unicorn” as her fans call her.