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Arcade Fire have released a video with every single preceding the release of Everything Now, the Canadian band’s fifth studio album set to drop on July 28th. Following “Everything Now,” “Signs of Life,” and “Creature Comfort,” Arcade Fire have shared the fourth single, “Electric Blue,” today complete with visual complement.

“We have…released a new commercial featuring Electric Blue that runs exactly the length of the song,” Arcade Fire commented cheekily on the video (which was then retweeted on Twitter) earlier today, further explaining, “This used to be called a ‘music video’ but in more recent years it has come to be known as a ‘promotional film.'”

They go on to describe what you’re about to see in it, “It features Chassagne, walking the streets of New Orleans after a long, lonely night. The rest of the band make barely visible cameos; they play city workers cleaning the streets.”

Watch the “commercial” for “Electric Blue” above.