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Apple has launched a new internal division dedicated to music publishing and music publishers, according to Music Business Worldwide. In the music industry, publishing companies are responsible for ensuring that songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. With the current state of the music industry and controversy with songwriters and producers not being paid, this is an important move for Apple Music, especially since publishing has been one of the biggest growth sectors in the industry.

This division is said to be led by Elena Segal, soon to be Apple Music’s global director of music publishing. The department will be segmented into Operations, Commercial, Publisher Relations, and A&R, all of which will be overseen by Segal, who was previously legal director of iTunes International.

Apple Music has come a long way from its initial launch in 2015. Today, Apple Music boasts 50 million paying users and is said to surpass Spotify’s success later this year. Just a few months ago, we covered the Copyright Royalty Board’s ruling to give songwriters better compensation through streaming services, where the CRB decided to increase songwriter pay for interactive streaming platforms by nearly 50 percent over the next five years. Now with Apple Music in the publishing game, there’s a new hope for those who work behind the scenes to get their recognition.