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In the field of eclectic electronic-meets-jazz, Portland teen quickly quickly is at the top of his game. Playing piano for a large part of his young life, he recently began exploring electronic production and has been focusing on that for about four years now. His latest work is a collaboration with 20-year-old Australian producer ANH, who has been working on his sound for just over a year. ANH has already hit the airwaves with Soulection Radio and triple j, and garnered support from artists like Ekali, Lunice, and Graves.

“Contrast” sees ANH and quickly quickly hitting the DAW together once again (following their previous “Preach” four months ago) and working on something that is each their own but remarkably congruous and complementary to the nature of their collaboration. ANH’s exciting, glitchy sounds meld with Quickly’s mellow, downtempo vibes. ANH’s catalogue is still budding, but you can tell he’s on the right track with more to come. Quickly, without a doubt, is developing as one of the most promising members of this newfound love of jazzy downtempo style. “Contrast” is yet another example of where they both get it right.

Together, they’ll absolutely crush the rest of the EP they’re reportedly working on. Quickly said in email about their latest collab, “The song is really cool & the EP is even cooler,” while ANH discussed it in a bit more detail. “Quickly and I have great chemistry, this a good representation of how our styles blend together. You can expect more on upcoming EP songs.”

Be on the lookout for more coming soon, and enjoy “Contrast” below.

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